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Head Coaches 2023

Junior Head Coach

Nicolas ”Nico” Vidal

ILCA group responsible coach


+358 50 377 75 58

• education •

2016. INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER, Faculty of Archetecture, Urbanism and Design. National University of Cordoba UNC.

2007. Bachelor in Humanities and Social CS. San José School

2015 – 2020. Secretary of the Argentine ILCA/Laser Association AAL.


2019. TCC FAY COURSE 2 – WORLD SAILING. Homologation as trainer.

2018. TCC FAY COURSE 1 – WORLD SAILING. Homologation as trainer

2017. TCC Ws1 – Homologation as trainer.

• own sailing career •

Optimist , Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Laser Std

• coaching career•

2015, Training Camps Chile Junior Laser Team

2016, RSX World Championship – Enoshima – Japan. Argentina Team

2017, Laser Master Worlds Championship – Dun Laoghaire – Ireland. Arg Team

2018, Opti and Laser NERYC Race Team – North East – Maryland – USA

2019, Laser Master Worlds Championship- Port Zelande – Holland

2020, Laser Argentina Youth Team, PROJECT DAKAR 2022 YOGS

2020, Opti and Laser Coach – Circolo Velico Kaucana – Sicilia Italy

2021 , HSS Head Coach

2022-, HSS  Junior Head Coach

Sailing Center (Adult sailing) Head Coach

Michal Gryglewski


+358 50 550 6110

• education •

Masters Degree in Tourism and Sport, University of Szczecin

• own sailing career •

Optimist, Laser, Melges Escow, match racing, J70, sailing league, Team Scamp 3, HRM racing (professional match racing and  sailing league team member), Star Sailors league Gold Cup

• coaching career•

2012- 2013 Head Coach in Kamień Pomorski YC (Poland)

2013 Coach in Optimist Team LBI ( USA)

2014-2015 Coach of a private Laser team based out of Restronguet YC (UK) 2013 Coach in Optimist Team Lisot (USA)

2014-2016 Head Coach at Howth Yacht Club (Ireland)

2016-2018 Coach in a private Laser team based out of Bay Head Yacht Club (USA) since 2015 Coach of Irish National Optimist Development team (Ireland)

2018- 2019 Head Coach of Oman National Optimist team (Oman) 2017-2019 Head Coach at Royal Cork Yacht Club (Ireland)

2019 Coach of team „D6” – best team in Ireland.

2021 Polish Optimist team for Team Racing European Championships

2021 Polish Optimist team for World Championships

2022-, HSS  Sailing Center Head Coach

Vastuuvalmentajat 2022

Dimi Tsallos

Adult and Youth Sailing Beginner’s courses

dimi@helsinkisailing.com / +358 40 1683438

• education •

Sailing instructor level 2, SPV, 2021
Day Skipper, RYA, 2019
Instructor Basic Course, SPV, 2019
MSc Precision Medicine, University of Glasgow, UK, 2015
BSc (Hons) Biotechnology, University of Aberdeen, UK, 2013

• your sailing career •

I started sailing when I was 8 years old with Optimist class in a country where sailing season never ends. Aside from racing in local competitions, I took an active role in teaching other kids in the club from a young age. I was always helping beginner Sailors learn the basics of sailing and HSS gave me the opportunity to develop as a coach where I started teaching the adult groups on laser16 and elliott 6m. There is always a lot to learn about this sport and I am also trying to introduce Sailors to cruise sailing and share my enthusiasm for sailing coupled with exploring the Finnish archipelago.

Ilya Baraev

Adult and Youth Sailing Blue group, Adult and Youth Sailing Beginner’s courses

ilya@helsinkisailing.com / +358 50 4839965

• koulutus •

Ohjaajakurssi, PORY, 2015
Ohjaajakurssi 2, SPV, 2021
National Umpire, appointed by SPV, 2014
International Umpire, appointed by World Sailing, 2019

• oma purjehdusura •

Sailing since 2008
Fleet racing since 2011
Match racing since 2012
Umpiring since 2014
Teaching and Coaching since 2015
Foiling since 2016

Most of my sailing career was dedicated to match racing. As a skipper won a couple of Grade 4 events and was ranked in the top 100 in the World Sailing Match Race Ranking. As an umpire participated in multiple Grade 1 and World Championship level events, including WIM and WMRT events. As a sailing instructor and coach had most experience with teaching basics of sailing to adults and match racing tactics for racers.

Jaakko Vauhkonen

Opti Violet-Red vastuuvalmentaja, Opti Green

jaakko@helsinkisailing.com / +358 44 2718383

• koulutus•

Ohjaajan peruskurssi, SPV

Ohjaajan jatkokurssi, SPV

• oma purjehdusura•

SPS Optimistijolla 2006-2007
HSS Optimistijolla 2007-2015
HSS Laser 2015-2019
Opti Team Race Nordic Champion 2015
Opti PM hopea 2015
Laser 4.7 SM hopea 2016

Mikaela Söderberg

Opti Light Blue vastuuvalmentaja

+358 45 3572227

• koulutus•

Ohjaajan peruskurssi, 2017, SPV

Ohjaajan jatkokurssi, 2021, SPV

• oma purjehdusura•

HSS Optimistijolla 2014-2018
HSS Laser 2018->
Optimistijolla SM 6. U13 2016
Laser 4.7 KSSS Olympiska regatta 3. tyttö 2018
Laser Radial SM-kulta naiset 2019
Laser Radial SM-kulta naiset 2020

Niklas Toroi

Opti Dark Blue vastuuvalmentaja, Opti Green

niklas.toroi@helsinkisailing.com / +358 40 0838583


BE ajokortti
Ohjaajan peruskurssi, SPV
Valmentaja ja Ohjaajakoulutus, SPV (2021 kesken)

oma valmennus ja purjehdusura

ESF optimistijolla 2005-2010
EPS optimistijolla 2010-2012
E-jolla 2012-2018
Finnjolla 2019-
Junnu SM 2. (2014)
E-jolla SM-hopea (2014)
Ranking 2.(2015)
E-jolla SM-kultaa (2015)
EM 6. (2016)
Finnjolla SM-pronssi 2019

Dipesh Nerpagare

Sailing Center Coordinator, Adult Sailing Green and Blue groups

dipesh@helsinkisailing.com / +358505553115

• education •

Dingy Instructor, Yachting Association of India 2012-2021
Power Boat certificate, Yachting Association of India
RYA yacht master offshore (Theory), Royal yachting Association 2011

• your sailing career •

Assistant national coach of the Indian sailing team by the Sports Authority of India for the Asian Games in 2014 and Olympic qualification in 2016
29er events coach for the world championship in the UK and the youth world championship in Malaysia, 2015
ILCA class coach in the Olympic qualification in Abudhabi, 2016
Coaching at TOP-Level sailing academy: preparing the Indonesian East Jawa team for the National Games (2016), Taiwan (2017) and Egyptian (2019) teams for their Nationals championship Series
Head Coach for Aquamarine- AMS sailing foundation Mumbai, 2018-2019

I started sailing in 2006 in Sea Cadet corps India in the Optimist sailing class and won many regattas in my Opti sailing career in India. Later I sailed the 29er sailing class and many other youth classes. I started coaching in Optimist class in 2012. I have coached ILCA, 29er 470 class, and attended international events like European championships in the Netherlands in 2014 and 2015. Along with these, I have attended various Asian events with 29er classes with the Indian team. I have been part of the J122 sailing yacht team in Mumbai since 2017 as a crew and enjoyed racing in multiple races in India. I represented India in the Nansha International regatta in 2019 in China Fareast 26 class. Prior to HSS, I coached the Open Skiff class in India (2019-2022). We were preparing the teams for the World Championships but couldn’t attend due to Covid.

Alexandra Chizhova

Assistant Coach & Maintenance, Adult Sailing Beginner’s courses, Adult Sailing Green and Blue groups

aleksacizh7@gmail.com /+358453166964

• education •

IYT BBS Power & Sail
Motor Boats certificate
IYT VHF Short Range Certificate
Moscow School of Higher Sportsmanship in Sailing
Moscow Power Engineering Institute

• your sailing career •

Sailing since 2006
Match racing since 2017
Teaching and Coaching since 2017

I am fascinated with any kind of sailing, especially windsurfing, and kiting. I prefer doing match racing. This is the more contact sport and fast chess on the water, as fleet racing is long chess. My dream in sailing: have a women’s team and participate with them in top rating events, and try to win the Round World Race.

Romain Sibois

Adult’s windsurfing Green and Blue groups
romain@helsinkisailing.com / +358 40 139 37 75

• koulutus •

Ohjaajan jatkokurssi, 2021, SPV
Windsurfing school manager – Lacanau, France (2004-2009)
Sailing instructor – France (2002-2009)
French Sailing Federation Instructor Certificate (windsurf, dinghy sailing, catamaran)

• oma purjehdusura •

Windsurfing since 1998 (wave, freestyle, slalom and raceboard)

International Competitions (Wave & Slalom):
Ranked 9th in Morocco IWT Wave 2018 – Amateur category
Ranked 44th Overall IWT Wave 2018 – Amateur category
Défi Wind 2010 (long distance/slalom) – 225th/1000 overall

Finnish Championships (Wave):
Ranked 2nd in 2020
Ranked Top 5 in 2019
Ranked 5th in 2018
Ranked 6th in 2014

Sofia Tynkkynen

Opti Fun vastuuvalmentaja 

sofia@helsinkisailing.com / +358 44 3569192

• koulutus •

Ohjaajan peruskurssi, SPV, 2016
Valmentajakoulutus 1, SPV, 2021
Kemian tekniikka, Aalto-yliopisto 2019-

• oma purjehdusura •

MP Optimistijolla 2011-2015
MP Zoom8 2015-2016
MP 29er 2017
HSS Laser 4.7 ja Radial 2017-2018
HSS Match Race 2019
NJK Match Race 2020-

Laser 4.7 SM kulta 2017
Match Race SM pronssi, avoin 2019
Match Race SM kulta, naiset 2020
World Sailing ranking 4, naisten Match Race 2020

• oma valmennusura •

MP apuvalmentaja 2016-2018
HSS vastuuvalmentaja 2019-

Tonis Kask

purjelautailu, alkeiskurssit

+372 506 7060



optimistijollia (2006-2010)
Technoja (2008-)
29er:ia (2012-2013)

Estonian Windsurfing Association -puheenjohtaja
Kilpailunjärjestäjä, awarded the title of Estonian Race Officer (sailing and surfing)

oma purjehdusura


Optimistijolla, Cadetti, 470 ja DN


mustang, windglider, raceboard, funboard/slalom, talvisurfi/kelkka ja techno293 (1976-2013)
Techno293 EM 2. (2013)

Muut valmentajat 2022

Alex Grönblom

Opti Dark Blue, sijainen

 +358 45 1232381

• koulutus•

Ohjaajan peruskurssi, SPV

• oma purjehdusura•

Opti- U12 SM 1.

Opti SM 1.

Opti-team race SM 1.

29er ISAF Youth MM 4.

Amos Bonsdorff

purjelautailu, sijainen

+358 44 274 00 27


Ohjaajan peruskurssi, SPV, 2019

•  oma purjehdus- ja valmennusura


Raceboard 2013 –

Raceboard U SM 1. sija, 2016
Raceboard U Ranking 1.sija, 2017

HSS, Techno293, 2018-

Anna Haavisto

purjelautailu, sijainen

+358 50 3402733


2017- , University of Helsinki Faculty of Medicine

2018 – 19, University of Tromsø, Idrettshøgskolen, Nature guide

2014 Lekledare, Folkhälsan
2016 SUP-ohjaaja, 20knots
2017 Ohjaajan peruskurssi, SPV

•  oma purjehdus- ja valmennusura

KVP Raceboard, Techno 2014-16
HSS Techno, 2016-17
RS:X 2017-20
iQFoil 2019-, Paris 2024 project

With the RS:X World Sailing ranking regattas and world championships from 2018-

Purjelautailun apuvalmentaja, Twentyknots 2016
HSS purjelautailun vastuuvalmentaja 2018

Maria Gahmberg


• koulutus•

liikunnanohjaaja AMK

Somatic Personal trainer

oikeustieteen maisteri

• oma purjehdusura•

1993 – 2008
Optimistijolla: European Youth Olympic Days,  2 sija, -97
420: ISAF Junior Worlds 10.sija, -99
470: ISAF Worlds 6.sija, -03, maailmanrankigissä top 10 joukossa -02-03
E-jolla: EM ja MM top 10 joukossa, -05-06
Maraton SM 5.sija, 2016

Rasmus Ader


+358 44 2091838

• koulutus•

Ohjaajan peruskurssi, SPV

• oma purjehdusura•

HSS Zoom
HSS Laser