Vim 12mR US-12 designed by Sparkman & Stephens 1939, Photo: Kim Weckström
Vim 12mR US-12 designed by Sparkman & Stephens 1939, Photo: Kim Weckström

The Classic Yacht Symposium and Dinner March 2nd 2019

Register for Classic symposium 40€

Register for Classic Symposium Dinner 60€

We are happy to announce that we have chosen a bigger venue for the Symposium and are now able to accommodate more attendees.

The Classic Symposium brings together classic yacht enthusiasts from around the world. The mission of the event is twofold: to strengthen bonds between classic yacht sailors and to create a deeper understanding of the history, the present and the future opportunities of classic yachting, both racing and cruising. The symposium also creates increased awareness of the contributions of the designers, builders, owners and sailors involved with classic yachts.

The first symposium was organized in 2011 and has since featured several prominent yachtsmen and authorities from all over the world, among others Halsey Herreshoff, David Pedrick, Alex Thomson, Juan Kouyoumdjian, Heinz Ramm-Schmidt, Antti Herlin, Jussi Gullichsen, Henrik Andersin and John Lammerts van Bueren. We are welcoming back Antti Herlin, Henrik Andersin and John Lammerts also this year.

The three main themes for the 2019 symposium are: the legacy and future of Sparkman & Stephens, the Renaissance of Classic yacht racing in Northern Europe, with a special focus on the 12metre class and thirdly the coming season, with a record number of major regattas.

ATTENTION! New Venue for the Symposium:
Jugendsali Hotel Glo Art
Lönnrotinkatu 29, Helsinki

Venue Dinner:
Restaurant Sipuli
Kanavaranta 7, Helsinki

Classic symposium 40€
Dinner only 60€


The Classic Yacht Symposium 2019 Programme
March 2nd 2019 12.00 – 18.00

12:00 Setting the scene for the Symposium and Classic yachting in 2019

– Esko Kilpi, Chairman of the Symposium, Esko is a classic yacht devotee with a long experience in racing diverse classic yachts in many classes. Esko is also the founder of the classic symposium and has been the chairman of all the symposia.

“A Dream Come True – The Past and the Future of Sparkman & Stephens”

– Donald Tofias, Sparkman & Stephens CEO, Donald is the creator of the W-Class and the new owner of the legendary American naval architecture and brokerage firm.

“Olin and Me – 20 years of collaboration and friendship with Olin Stephens”

– John Lammerts van Bueren CEO of Touchwood BV, yacht historian and co-author of “Sparkman & Stephens Classic Modern Yachts”

“The S&S Legacy today” discussion moderated by Samppa Vilkuna

Samppa is a young, but seasoned yacht racer and a classic yacht enthusiast.

Donald Tofias, John Lammerts van Bueren, together with Antti Herlin, Chairman of Kone Corporation and the owner of the legendary S&S offshore racer s/y Lygaia, Matteo Salamon, founder of the S&S Swan Association and producer of “Sparkman & Stephens Swan – A Legend”, Lars Ström, Nautor. Lars managed the design office of Nautor for 30 years.

Break 14:10 – 14:30

Three presentations: “The 12mR Class in The Baltics”

The Renaissance of the 12m Class

– James Patrick Howaldt, Owner and syndicate lead of S&S designed Vim, US-15

The Story of Wings

– Philipp Skafte-Holm, Owner and syndicate lead for Nicholson designed Wings, K-15

The Story of Princess Svanevit

– Bobby Cyrus Ambassador for Gustaf Estlander designed Princess Svanevit S-1

The stories behind the 12mR Renaissance

– discussion moderated by Henrik Andersin, Owner of Nicholson designed Blue Marlin FIN-1. Patrick Howaldt, Philipp Skafte-Holm, Bobby Cyrus.

Break 15:50 – 16:10

The Coming Season

The season 2019 is packed with a record number of major regattas in the Baltic area – Baltic Classic Masters Circuit, 6mR worlds, International 5 metre Cup and the 5.5 metre Gold Cup. The very short and visual presentations will give us a preview of the exceptional season we are all looking forward to.

The int5m Cup in Turku

– Marko Pasanen, Chairman for Finnish int5m Association and Markus Blomquist, Commodore of ASS

The Scandinavian Gold Cup 100th Anniversary Regatta

– Matti Muoniovaara, the Chairman of the Finnish 5,5 metre Association.

The 6mR World Cup in Hanko 2019

– Ossi Paija, Chairman for Finnish 6 metre Association

The reawakening of 8mR Andromeda

– Max Nordlund, Owner and syndicate lead for Andromeda S-23

The Hai-Class Back in the Helsinki Waters

– Petri Wilska, Chairman of Hai-class association and the Commodore of Suomalainen Pursiseura, SPS.


  • Esko Kilpi
  • Kim Weckström, ex-commodore of HSS, part owner of Wings and the owner of 8mR yacht Vågspel
  • Mikael Stelander, the commodore of HSS and part owner of the classic 8mR yacht Ilderim.

17:00- 17:30 Refreshments

Classic Symposium Dinner 19:30 – 23:30
Restaurant Sipuli, Kanavaranta 7


 Dress code:

Afternoon: casual

Evening: yacht club attire or blazer casual


More information: HSS Office +3589633637, Kristina Lindqvist