The 10th Classic Yacht Symposium and Dinner March 25th 2023

We proudly present our 10th edition of the Classic Yacht Symposium. Our theme is “Design and Desire in Time to Come”. We will take a deep dive into the future of classic yachts and the classic yachts of the future: We discuss evolving aesthetics, design principles, sailors and owners of the future. By whom and how might they be built? Who will sail, own and enjoy the classics in times to come?

The symposium is chaired by John Lammerts van Bueren and Samppa Vilkuna. We feature prominent yachtspeople from all over the world: Juliane Hempel, William Collier, Evelyn Hansel, Tapio Lehtinen, Dr. Rüdiger Stihl, Charlotte Hellman, Jarkko Jämsen, Hasse Karlsson, Petri Isotalus, Jukka Kaukonen, Pekka Bark, Allan Savolainen, Eero Lehtinen and Arto Linnervuo. 

Programme and registration here