CANCELLED: Welcome to HSS Partnerships & Corporate Cooperation Discussion Evening 11.2.

HSS Club Room, Liuskasaari, Tuesday Feb 11th at 5.30-8pm. THE EVENT IS CANCELLED.

A warm welcome to everyone to join us in an informal discussion evening regarding HSS partnerships and corporate cooperation. Working together makes us smarter and helps us achieve better results. 

We welcome all members, especially those actively involved or interested in partnership work in their respective function. HSS is looking for new partners and corporate customers. Trying to make it as easy as possible for active members, we’ve produced quality materials to be distributed to potential partners and corporate customers, even your own employers.  

Active marketing online to support HSS corporate sales? Perhaps your contribution can be producing and distributing through your own contact network and online channels (e.g. YouTube, Instragram, Facebook) video content from sailing competitions, events, try outs, meeting facilities, junior activities, SC training and other social events at HSS.

Coffee/tea and small snacks are served during the discussion evening. The event will be moderated by Ahti Leväaho (HSS board, tel. 050 5810800) and Mikael Aminoff (HSS Partnerships, tel. 0400 412805).

Welcome along!

Levis & Micke