How to get to Liuskasaari and access basic premises


The ferry operating times are different in the beginning of the season and mid-season. Please always check the timetable from the ferry operator’s website.

During busy times in the summer, it might take 10-20 minutes to get to the island.

You can take the ferry from HSS pier or Kompassitori (both in Merisatama), just lift the semaphore in the flag pole to notify the driver.

When you leave the island, you need to show your online membership card to the ferry driver. All new members should receive email instructions on how to activate the Cardu application before your first training. If not, please contact Kristina Lindqvist from HSS office at

Locker rooms and toilets

Locker rooms with showers and toilets are located in the basement of the ‘main’ building. The entrance is on the right corner of the building, and the door code is 9764#. If you are the last person to leave the building, please make sure that the door locks behind you!

On the corridor in the basement are also a drying room for wet equipment and a sauna. The women’s locker room is on the left and the men’s locker room is on the right. 


Kontti refers to the black container which contains all the equipment and tools you might need to keep the boats and surfboards in good shape: ropes, tapes, shackles, and so on. Your coach or crew leader will have access to the kontti.

Sails storage

Sails are stored next to the barbeque spot behind Länsivaja (the red shed). Sails are dried in Länsivaja.

How do you benefit from HSS membership?

So you’ve joined this sailing club, but don’t know all the cool things you get to benefit from simply by being a member? 

HSS is one of the oldest and the fourth biggest sailing club in Finland. It was founded in 1893 to enable (the previously considered elitist sport of) sailing for the growing Swedish-speaking middle class. Our official languages are still Swedish and Finnish, but Sailing Center operates largely in English due to our international coaches and sailors. Any information on the club you can always find on our website or ask

You’ll find out about the most important membership benefits right here: 

  • You’ll get to use the facilities on the island for free (as long as they’re not booked for a private thing)
    • Sauna
    • Clubroom
    • Library
    • Bbq 
    • Get the key from Kristina at the office
    • You can read more about the facilities here (in Finnish)
  • You’ll get to “own” a gorgeous island right off the center of Helsinki & enjoy the best views in town
    • As a club member, you’ll soon find that the island feels like it’s our own. There’s a certain sense of ownership among the club members, which makes the whole place special. 
  • You get all sorts of discounts 
    • Skiffer
    • Restaurant Paviljong
  • You can sail to HSS islands Getören & Andö, use the harbor & sauna
  • You can get to know the whole HSS community with keelboat owners, classic yacht sailors and junior sailors and their parents
  • You’ll get to use HSS gear (boats & windsurfing equipment, as soon as you have skipper’s rights)
  • If something happens, you’re insured for mishaps that happen during training because you’re automatically a member of SPV (Suomen purjehdus ja veneily)

What responsibilities do you have as a member?

As HSS member who has registered for Sailing Center training, you have two main responsibilities:

  1. Participate in club work: HSS is a sports club, not a commercial company, so everyone’s input is important and all the members must either participate in club work or compensate by paying work fees to enable the maintenance of our equipment. There are many things to do and even a small contribution is valuable! Club work is also a great way to get to know other sailors and find new sailor friends. At HSS Sailing and Windsurfing Center, every member must collect at least 8 points of boat maintenance, 8 points of talkoo work, and choose one task (10 points) in some of our five commissions (Training & Courses, Maintenance, Races & Events, Marketing & Comms, Sponsors). A more detailed description of the club work you’ll find here.
  2. Keep the club gear in good condition, which means:
    • Organized > store gear properly in kontti, sails to dry in the shed or folded neatly in the storage
    • Maintained > check the equipment after use and fix stuff when it breaks (easy fixes)
    • Reported > you MUST report the equipment status after EVERY use, even if in good condition. This way we can make sure that whenever you book any equipment for yourself, you know the condition the previous user has left it.

Of course, we expect that you have also paid your membership fee and training fee in a timely manner. The membership fees are invoices are sent by email yearly in February or after that whenever you join, and the training fees are invoiced by email in April, June and August.

How to attend trainings?

After you’ve signed up, we need to process your application before you can attend trainings to make sure you are covered by our insurance. We will try to make this process as fast as possible, but if you’ve signed up on Monday you might not yet be able to join training on Tuesday.

You will be added in the groups you signed up on Suomisport and also Mixed trainings.

There are some ground rules about training that we all need to respect:

  1. Sign up for your training in Suomisport  at least 24 hours before and get to the island early enough to be rigged by the time your training starts.
  2. Changing training groups on your own is NOT OK: everyone should train in the group they belong to; if you belong to the Thursday group you train on Thursdays. The coaches work is super difficult when people switch groups and groups are fully booked. 
  3. If your team is missing a crew member, you should first try to find a replacement from your own group or eventually from the same skill level or higher; it is very difficult for the coach to hold an effective training if sailors of different levels join the teams. 

How to find info and other sailors?

To stay tuned and on top of all things happening at the island, please, make sure you get all messages. It is easy by following a few steps:

1. Join the Facebook group called HSS SC member agora This group is for HSS members who are training at Sailing Center and a lot of essential information is shared there throughout the season. You are also welcome to join HSS Forum, a group for all HSS members, including keelboat owners, junior sailors etc.

2. Join the HSS SWC Slack Workspace, a place  for all Sailing and Windsurfing  Center members to find the right channels on our workspace.  You can join the commission channels, Wednesday race, and many other events channels.