Gotland Runt 2022 – S/y Antama Swan Classic -class winner

Onneksi olkoon Antama Crew; Lukas, Tua, Dorisz, Julia, Samuel ja Stpehen! Gotland Runt Swan Classic -luokan voitto 🏆
Veneen kippari ja varustaja Stephen Sturmer aloitti purjehduksen HSS:n Sailing Centerin alkeiskurssilla L16-veneellä ja koko miehistö koostui Sailing Centerin kautta purjehduksen pariin löytäneistä.
”We were racing 45 hours 25 mins and 7 seconds and after handicap was applied we won by just 5 minutes so every little extra effort we made counted. There were 5 entries for the Swan classic class but 2 withdrew so only 3 finishing. We had a tough 20 hour upwind leg but got into the good wind and also managed to avoid a little hole on the downwind. Biggest problems both came at 1am on the first night when the Genoa split and the second night when the wind went from 7 to 20 knts in about 2 minutes and resulted in a frantic couple of minutes making sail change in sleeping clothes. After that just flat out to the finish. Great teamwork, not much sleep and tons of work but super rewarding to win our first class prize since getting Antama.”