Laser 4.7 Youth Worlds 2017: Nieuwpoort, Belgium 18-24.7.2017

In this year’s Laser 4.7 – Worlds the level was as high as expected and gave us many opportunities to practice situations, which could never come about in Finland.

The conditions in Nieuwpoort were very different to what we are used to back home in Finland. Most challenging part of the venue was a massive high to low tide cycle, causing the water level to rise multiple meters. This caused a very significant amount of current on the water, which was obviously a large factor in the races. The amount of current changed daily and at its worst, it reached over 45 meters per minute. Most races were sailed in moderate to heavy winds, with only a couple of starts raced in lighter, 2-5m/s winds. The heavier winds weren’t our stronger side and consequently resulting in worse races.

“The conditions varied from a very strong sea breeze to a lighter breeze from land, which let us compare all of our skills against the best sailors in the world. We learned quickly that lighter winds and the tactical side were our strong points. We still had a bunch of things to work on in the stronger winds, although you have to keep in mind, that we haven’t had the chance to practice sailing in above 10m/s winds this season.”

–Matias Mikkola, Coach

”My primary goal was to make it to the gold fleet, which I was glad to achieve. The finals were tough fleet and I struggled in the last races of the regatta, which was slightly upsetting and not the best way to end the racing. Still, those races taught me the most.”

– Jaakko Vauhkonen

The team did well all things considered and the coach is satisfied with the results. This is a good place to continue the season and on towards future events.


Jaakko Vauhkonen: 56th

Mikael Mustakallio: 103rd

Total: 234 Sailors