CLINIC 4.-7.6.2018 – REGATTA 8.-10.6.2018

Opti Ranking, Opti Kadett, Zoom8, O’Pen Bic, Laser Ranking (std, radial, 4.7), 29er

DOWNTOWN SAILING WEEK 2018 – The largest annual Baltic Sea junior sailing event

Helsingfors Segelsällskap (HSS) organizes for the 10th time Downtown Sailing week which brings together almost 200 dinghies in Liuskasaari, Helsinki. The largest annual Baltic Sea junior sailing event consists of a training clinic and a three-day regatta from Friday to Sunday in early June.

HSS Downtown Sailing Week 2018 participants are coached by established junior coaches in different classes. Suomen Purjehdus ja Veneilu (SPV) and different junior class associations in Finland join forces in providing top training in a magnificent setting right in the center of Helsinki.

During the latter part of the week young sailors compete in a three-day regatta. The participants are the top competitors in each dinghy class amongst whom are also the future Finland Olympic athletes.

DTSW 2017


  • Ronja Grönblom and Sara Ehrnrooth will join coaching team
  • Optimist Cadet Race will be sailed on 9.-10.6.2018
  • Tervetuloa järjestämään tapahtumaa! Vapaaehtoisia rekrytoidaan mukaan, ilmoittaudu kohdasta ”registration”
  • Classes for DTSW Regatta confirmed: Opti Ranking, Opti kadett, Zoom8, O’Pen Bic, Laser Ranking (std, Radial, 4.7), 29er
  • Vili Kaijansinkko and Thomas Hacklin will join the coaching team of the clinic



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CLINIC 4.-7.6.2018 – REGATTA 8.-10.6.2018

Optimist Cadet Regatta 9.-10.6.2018


Schedule and program

CLINIC 4.-7.6.2018


Vili Kaijansinkko

Age: 28

I have been a professional sailing coach since 2012.

Nowadays I’m head coach of Academy team of Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation.

”I’m looking forward to seeing happy and excited young athletes in the camp. I want to create a good atmosphere in the camp and help young sailors to understand what opportunities sports can give and what it requires if they want be in top level.”


Thomas Hacklin



Thomas Hacklin, Coaching Manager, Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation

International campaign in Laser Std, X-35 and Melges 24. Finnish champion in Laser, Finn, Melges24, Folkboat and ORCi.

Age: 39

Lives: Naantali

Family: Wife and 1,5 year boy

”Looking forward to participate in the biggest youth clinic in Finland. Nice to get a glimpse of the youth sailors in the different classes and get a touch of the prospects. In addition, it is important to maintain good relations to clubs and club coaches. Besides the on-water-training we aim to run a development clinic for the coaches as well”.


Ronja Grönblom (optimist kadett class)


Sara Ehrnrooth (optimist kadett class)


Pinja Harjunpää (optimist ranking class)

Jyväskylän Yliopisto 2013 – arvioitu valmistuminen kesäkuussa 2018

Liikuntapedagogiikan maisteri tutkinto, Pääaine: Liikuntapedagogiikka, Sivuaineet: Urheiluvalmennuksen käyttäytymistieteet, liikuntapsykologia, terveystieteet

Suomen Urheiluopisto

Purjehduksen tason 2 valmentajakoulutus, 2015


Ia Harjunpää (Open Bic class)


Tonis Kask (Techno293 class)


Leonardo Santos (Zoom class)


Elli Vainio-Mattila (Zoom class)


Matias Mikkola (Laser class)

Age: 23
”I have sailed in many classes during my career, but i would say that the main path started from optimist dinghy and continued to Laser (4.7 -> Radial -> Standard) and from there to 470.

My personal goal for this camp is to make you feel more comfortable in challenging your skills to the limit, and then help you to take the step to the next level.

I’m really looking forward to work with you guys and I hope that you are eager to develop yourselves as sailors! See you in June!”


Tom Lönnqvist (Laser class)

Coached since 2009

49er FX Rio Olympics 2016

Tuula Tenkanen, Laser Radial, 2013-2014

Heidi Tenkanen, Laser Radial, 2010-2013

Finnish National Youth Team, 2010-2012




Classes & Registration

  • Opti Ranking
  • Opti Kadett – 9.-10.6.2018
  • Zoom8
  • O’Pen Bic
  • Laser Ranking (std, radial, 4.7)
  • 29er

Race Committee

Principal Race Officer: Sami Sailo
Race Officer –Laser, 29er: Sami Sailo
Race Officer – Opti Ranking: Erik Wallin
Race Officer: Opti kadett, Open Bic, Zoom8: Jussi Seppälä
Race manager: Saara Söderberg



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Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland. Helsinki is the seat of the region of Uusimaa in southern Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki has a population of 642,045, an urban population of 1,231,595  and a metropolitan population of over 1,4 million, making it the most populous municipality and urban area in Finland. Helsinki is located 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of Tallinn, Estonia, 400 km (250 mi) east of Stockholm, Sweden, and 390 km (240 mi) west of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Helsinki has close historical connections with these three cities.

The Helsinki metropolitan area includes the urban core of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, and surrounding commuter towns. It is the world’s northernmost metro area of over one million people, and the city is the northernmost capital of an EU member state. Helsinki is the third largest city in the Nordic countries, after Stockholm and Oslo. Helsinki is Finland’s major political, educational, financial, cultural, and research center. The neighboring city of Vantaa is the location of Helsinki Airport, with frequent service to various destinations in Europe and Asia.

Helsinki was the World Design Capital for 2012, the venue for the 1952 Summer Olympics, and the host of the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest.

Helsinki has some of the highest standards of living of a city in the world. In 2011, Monocle ranked Helsinki the world’s most liveable city in its Liveable Cities Index. In the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2016 Liveability Survey, Helsinki scored ninth place among 140 cities.

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