Welcome to HSS Sailing Center

Interested in sailing in Helsinki? Training for adults in the HSS Sailing Center provides excellent training and atmosphere for sailors for all levels. From adult beginner sailing courses to instructed sailing and competitions. A fleet of several different classes of boats is at member’s disposal. Come join us!

Kiinnostaako kilpapurjehdus tai purjehduskurssi? Aikuispurjehdus HSS:n Sailing Centerissä tarjoaa erinomaista opetusta sekä omistautuneen harrastusporukan kaikentasoisille purjehtijoille. Tarjontaan kuuluu purjehduskursseja aloittelijoille sekä ohjattuja treenejä ja kilpailuja. Jäsenemme voivat purjehtia useilla eri tyyppisillä veneillä. Tule mukaan!

Sivustomme on englanninkielinen.


About HSS Sailing Center

HSS Sailing Center is a committee under Helsingfors Segelsällskap -sailing club. Sailing Center organises adults sailing courses, training, lectures, races and much more. The sailing season starts in April with first “talkoo” when all  Laser 16 and Elliott 6mr boats are fixed up for sailing. At the end of April, the first beginner’s weekend course will be organised and the first brave ones will be training on the water. In May starts the actual sailing season. HSS Sailing Center offers three different classes of boats and training tailored for all experience levels. There are plenty of learning opportunities for both beginners and experienced racers. The season continues till the end of October including different kind of clinics, races, parties, talkoos and so on. At the end of October, it’s time to lift all boats and start planning next season.


In season 2018 HSS Sailing Center had about 70 members. The core of HSS Sailing Center is the Sailing Center community which means our members – people who want and can make things happen together. Being part of the community means participating, learning, doing together and having fun – and of course sailing. Sailing Center works mainly on a voluntary basis so everyone’s input is important. Read more about us in the following pages.



Open Island 2019 (Try Out Day) will be organized on 19th of May 2019. Suitable for all ages!

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We will have the famous welcome event on the 25th of May 2019. Open event for all! This will be the perfect start of the season!

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Your handbook to HSS Sailing Center: HSS Sailing Center Info Package 2019

Additional information on the following pages.


Want to become HSS Sailing Center member?

HSS Sailing Center Membership Application 2019 can be found here


Dates 2019:




14.-16.6. (Only for women)




Book a course here

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The season 2019 beginners’ courses in sailing are available! Book your spot for a course and learn the basics of sailing.

  • You do not need any previous sailing experience to join
  • Every year we have multiple different nationalities represented, so feel comfortable joining in even you don’t speak a word in Finnish.

During the weekend we will focus on both sailing theory indoors and sailing basics on land in a simulator and in water as existing weather conditions allow. After the course, you have learned the basics of sailing and rigging of the boat. If you choose to join the Sailing Center you will then be ready to take part in our coached beginner trainings. This course is held using our Laser 16 dinghies that are sailed with a crew of 3-4 persons. Crews are formed of the participants of the course.

Schedule of all courses:

  • Friday 18:00 – ~20:00
  • Saturday 09:00 – ~16:30
  • Sunday 09:00 – ~16:00

There will be seven beginners courses held during 2019:

  • 26.-28.4.
  • 3.-5.5.
  • 24.-26.5.
  • 14.-16.6. (Only for women)
  • 28.-30.6.
  • 9.-11.8.
  • 30.8.-1.9.

All courses have the same content.

Participation fee to a course is 300 €. For a HSS member, the fee is 200€ (ask the discount code by e-mail or phone). Sign up closes seven day before the course starts. Late sign ups must be separately asked from the coach by e-mail or phone. If there are free spots on the course you can join, but here will be extra 20 euros cost. You can find coaches contact information here.

You have an option to join the Sailing Center during or right after the course, in which case you will receive a discount of €100 from your training fee (575€ → 475€).

Register now!



Suositut purjehduksen alkeiskurssimme järjestetään jälleen kaudella 2019! Varaa paikkasi viikonloppukurssilta ja opi purjehduksen perusteet hyvässä seurassa.

  • Kurssi on avoin kaikille, ja sinulla ei tarvitse olla aiempaa kokemusta purjehtimisesta.

Viikonlopun aikana keskitymme purjehduksen teoriaan sisätiloissa, purjehduksen perusteisiin maalla simulaattorin avulla, sekä merellä jos sääolosuhteet sallivat. Kurssin jälkeen olet oppinut purjehduksen perusteet ja veneen valmistelun purjehdusta varten. Intensiivinen viikonloppukurssi on hyvä tapa tutustua purjehdukseen! Koska purjehdimme 3-4 hengen L16 jollaveneillä, kurssi sopii hyvin myös niille, joilla on jo jotakin kokemusta isommista veneistä, mutta haluavat oppia veneen käsittelyä ja kipparointitaitoja.

Aikataulu jokaiselle kurssille on sama:

  • Perjantai 18:00 – ~20:00
  • Lauantai 09:00 – ~16:30
  • Sunnuntai 09:00 – ~16:00

Kaudella 2019 järjestämme seitsemän alkeiskurssia:

  • 26.-28.4.
  • 3.-5.5.
  • 24.-26.5.
  • 14.-16.6. (Suunnattu vain naisille)
  • 28.-30.6.
  • 9.-11.8.
  • 30.8.-1.9.

Jokaisen kurssin sisältö on sama. Ilmoittaudu mukaan täältä!

Kurssin hinta on 300 €, tai 200€ HSS:n jäsenille (pyydä alennuskoodi puhelimitse tai mailitse).

Mikäli liityt Sailing Center jäseneksi kurssin jälkeen, saat 100 euron alennuksen kauden harjoitusmaksusta (575€ → 475€).




Sailing Center organizes approximately 19-21 weeks of training during a season. Weekly trainings are included in the training fee.


There are four different trainings during a week:

  • Laser16, Light Green / Dark Green, Beginners group: Basics of sailing, preparation & maintenance of a boat. Starting at the beginning of June, sailing on Tuesdays.
  • FULL – Laser16 Dark Green, Beginners group: Basics of sailing, preparation & maintenance of a boat, basics of racing. For those who wanna train regularly and participate in training every week. Starting at the beginning of May, sailing on Mondays. FULL
  • Elliott, Blue, Intermediate group: Fleet-racing, tactics, trimming, wind tactics. Starting at the beginning of May, sailing on Thursdays.
  • Elliott Red, racing group: Fleet-racing, more challenging manoeuvres, boat handling and rules tactics. Starting at the beginning of May, sailing on Tuesdays.
  • Saturday training: mixed training for all sailors, everyone welcome!

See a more detailed introduction of groups here.

It is recommended to start trainings with one group which corresponds your sailing skills level. After a few sessions, it is possible and even recommended to try out other groups and boats too. Our coaches are more than happy to help you to find the right group! You can find coaches contact information here (link).


Weekday trainings starts at 17.30 for all groups (boat (rigged) and crew ready to go sailing). Beginners groups (green) start at 17.30, crew ready to go sailing, clothes changed etc, but no need to have boats rigged yet. Saturday trainings start at 11.00. Training takes about 2,5-3 hours.

It’s recommended to arrive 30-45min before a coached trainings. Boats should be prepared before the start of the training session.

During Autumns coached trainings starts earlier due to darker evenings. Please check the time from your coach or with an email from sailingcenter@helsinkisailing.com.

You can see schedule in calendar format under CALENDAR -section.


Introduction of the coaches here

If you are not sure which group would be suitable for your level and interest: ask directly from the coaches, ask from Facebook Agora-group, or send an email to sailingcenter@helsinkisailing.com. We will find it together!


You don’t need any special gear to start sailing at HSS Sailing Center. For your own comfort, bring weatherproof clothing, proper shoes (e.g. trainers) and sailing gloves (gardening gloves with good grip is a good option!). It would be good to have your own life jacket but there are life jackets on the island that you can borrow in the beginning. In case you want to invest in own sailing clothing, feel free to ask other members for great tips on what and where to buy. There are a few shops in Helsinki Lauttasaari and many good web stores, for example in England.

HSS Sailing Center will borrow you a life jacket on Beginners Course. On coached trainings own lifejacket is needed.

Here are a few links:



To stay tuned and on top of all things happening at the island, please, make sure you get all messages. It is easy by following few steps:

1. Join Facebook group called “HSS SC member agora”

It’s the official communication channel for all Sailing Center members. Official notices and all free discussion between sailors happens there! It’s a great channel to ask questions and look or find sailing company outside coached training. Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sailingcenter/

2.  Nimenhuuto for training groups and coaches

Every training group (Light Green, Dark Green, Blue and Red) have own Nimenhuuto -group. In Nimenhuuto sailors sign up for every training. That helps our coaches to plan every training and exercises. You will get invitation by e-mail after you filled up a entry form. If you don’t get invitation in two weeks after filling the entry form on our page, please, check junk mail and contact your coach. Coaches contact can be found at http://helsinkisailing.com/junioripurjehdus/valmentajat/#muut-valmentajat

3. WhatsApp group for commissions

Every commission (Races and events, Training and courses etc) have own WhatsApp -group for discussion between sailors. You can join your own group by clicking a link, which you can find in e-mail you will receive in a week after signing up.

4. Newsletter

All club members (juniors, boat owners, windsurfers) will get about once or twice a month newsletter by e-mail. As you are now member of the club all events mentioned there are open for you as well!

If you wanna follow us its possible on
– Facebook page (different than Facebook group): https://www.facebook.com/hsssailingcenter/
– Instagram: hss_sailingcenter


Skipper rights?

”Skipper rights” term means that you have the right to skipper a boat outside coached training. You need to have skipper rights if you wanna participate on races and regattas or just wanna go sailing by yourself.  You need to apply for the rights for all the classes separately (Laser16, Elliott, SM40). Normally members start with Laser16 rights, then move to Elliott rights and finally to SM40 skipper rights.

How to apply for skipper rights?

To apply for the skipper rights you need to have your coaches recommendation or then show your skills on the special ”practical examination” -event. If you do have a recommendation from the coach you can just fill up a form (link).  If you don’t have a recommendation from the coach, but you think that you handle all the skills required for the skipper rights, you can apply for the practical examination by another form (link).

After filling up a form you will get skipper rights or get an invitation for the practical examination. Concretely skipper rights mean that you will get username and password for the boat booking -system (link) and you are able to book boats.

If you have any problem accessing the booking system, please, contact Aila at aila.leppikangas@gmail.com.

Requirements to get skipper rights:

As a skipper you have the responsibility over the safety of your crew and the boat which means that you need to have certain level of experience for obtaining the rights. The skipper rights can be requested for all boat classes separately depending on your experience and interest. 

Read here requirements to apply skipper rights for:

Skipper – responsibilities

Every skipper has a responsibility of the boat and crew. That is a normal practice all over the world and in every boat. Skipper’s responsibilities are to make sure that boat is in safe and good condition and he should know the basics of sea rules (meriteiden säännöt). At HSS Sailing Center skipper agrees following:

Agreement and acceptance of terms

To get skipper rights (separately for each class) I commit on the following:

  • I am a HSS SC member and have paid my membership fees. (Not required for visiting skippers or HSS juniors.)
  • I am familiar with how to use the boats and acknowledge that as a Skipper I am expected to be at a level where I am able to sail with a crew of inexperienced sailors in the given boat type.

I hereby agree with Audi HSS Sailing Center – Helsingfors Segelsällskap r.f. (hereafter “HSS SC”) on the following terms (hereafter ”Agreement”):

  • The Skipper agrees to look after the boat he or she is using on behalf of his or her own actions and his or her crews’ actions and guarantees that the boat is being used in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and orders issued by HSS SC.
  • Insurance and damages:
    • HSS SC is responsible for ensuring the boats. The insurance covers damages to the skippered boat and damages to third parties (property damages up to 255.000 EUR and personal damages up to 510.000 EUR). Damage is predominantly understood as damage to the boat or its togs that are the result of an accident. The liability does not extend to wear and tear that is the result of normal use.
    • The insurances include the following insurance deductibles (omavastuu):
      • Lasers and Elliots 420 EUR.
      • SM40 600 EUR.
    • Liability for damage (including insurance deductible) depends on the time and place of the incident:
      • If an incident happens during guided training, HSS shall be liable for the damage.
      • If an incident happens during beginners’ course, Open island 2019 (try out day), corporate sailing or talkoo, HSS shall be liable for the damage.
      • If an incident happens outside guided training, e.g. during Wednesday races or when a Skipper has taken a boat at other times, the Skipper shall be liable for the damage.
      • If the insurance does not cover the damage, either a) the Skipper or b) HSS shall be liable for the whole damage (i.e. Skipper or HSS shall pay the costs related to the damage) depending on the time and place of the incident (see different alternatives above).
    • The aforesaid division of liability based on the time and place of the incident shall not be applied to if the Skipper acted intentionally or in gross negligence or the skippered boat has been used contrary to the terms of this Agreement. In these cases, the Skipper shall always be liable for the caused damage.
  • Skipper is required to fill a sailing report after each sailing session (available on the HSS Adult Sailing website).
  • Assignment of rights and termination of the Agreement:
    • Skipper shall not assign the right to use a boat to a third party. Skipper may neither assign this Agreement as a whole or any parts of it to a third party without prior written consent from HSS SC. If the Skipper violates the terms of this Agreement HSS MRC may immediately terminate the Agreement. This Agreement does not automatically grant the Skipper the right to skip the selected boats and granting these rights is subject to HSS SC consideration and approval.

I hereby assure to have read this Agreement, HSS SC rules for boat usage, rules for permitted sailing areas, as well as all other HSS SC instructions, and to adhere to those terms, rules and instructions.

What if there happens damage while sailing?

Read here (link) how the damage process works.

Boat booking

Boat booking system is used for all sailing outside the weekly coached training. After filling up a form you will get skipper rights in about two weeks, means that you will get username and password for the boat booking -system (link) and you are able to book boats. You will receive your username and password by e-mail. You can access the booking system with your username and password. By having Skipper Rights to a boat, you can book a boat whenever you like through our booking system.

Signing up for coached trainings

For the weekly training enrollment we use Nimenhuuto instead of boat booking. You don’t need to have a team to attend the training. Final boat allocation for  training will be done on the shore based on participants’ experience. During the season you will gain more experience and will be able to request skipper rights.    

Every time you go out sailing outside coached practice you need to use the boat booking system.


1.Accessing the Booking System

If you have any problem accessing the booking system, please contact Aila at: aila.leppikangas@gmail.com, using ”HSS Booking System Access” as the subject matter of your mail, and she will be happy to assist you!

If it is your first time accessing the system, then you can access with the following credentials:

Username: The email address you provided us

Password: told in e-mail you received


2.Booking a Boat

The booking system should now be up and running. Remember that you should always use this when booking a boat outside coached training.

Skippers: If you are a skipper already, you can access the booking system and book a boat.

Filling Out a Boat Report After Sailing

It is very important to fill out a boat report after every time you go out sailing, no matter if it is coached training or sailing on your own. One report per boat is filled out and if there is any damage or missing parts, please add them to the report. Find link to boat report here.

We hope you make use of the boats and enjoy the rest of the summer sailing!


At HSS Sailing Center you have an opportunity to sail with four different boat types:

Audi HSS Sailing Centerillä sinulla on mahdollisuus purjehtia kahdella eri veneluokalla:

Elliott 6m – six boats

The club owns six Elliott 6m boats. The Elliott 6m is an Olympic-class keelboat, designed by New Zealander, Greg Elliott. It was selected for the women’s match racing event for the 2012 Olympics. The Elliott 6m carries a spinnaker pole and symmetric spinnaker which is considered more suitable for match racing. 3-4 persons can sail Elliott boat.

Watch from Youtube: Finnish Women’s sailing team take bronze medal with Elliott 6m in London Olympics 2012

Elliott 6m – kuusi venettä

Urheilullinen vene purjehtia. Uusiseelantilaisen Greg Elliotin suunnittelema vene on 6 metriä pitkä ja painaa 635 kg. Kolmen purjehdittava Elliott on suunniteltu match race -mielessä ja vene valittiin naisten Match Race -olympialuokkaan 2008. Audi Match Race Suomen tiimi kipparinaan Silja Lehtinen, edustaen sekä HSS:ää että NJK:ta, otti pronssia Lontoon olympialaisissa 2012. Tiimi ja heidän harjoitusvastustajansa käyttivät Audi HSS Sailing Centerin veneitä valmistautuessaan vuosina 2009-2012. Veneet ovat edelleen hyvin aktiivisessa käytössä.

Katso YouTubesta, kuinka naiset voittivat pronssia Olympialaisissa

Laser 16 – nine boats

Club owns nine L16 boats. Five metres in length with a 2m beam, the gel-coated glass fibre dinghy first appeared in 1986 under the ’Laser Weekend’ tag which signalled the sort of family-and-friends market it was aimed at. A retractable 29.5kg metal centreboard makes a significant contribution to the overall 250kg hull weight and to the boat’s feeling of solidity and stability. It has a sizeable watertight storage locker under the enclosed foredeck, accessible via a liing hatch on the forward bulkhead. Buoyancy is built into the bow and enclosed side decks, while the cockpit is self-draining via holes in the full-height transom. Production of the Laser 16 ceased in the late 1990s but it is still very popular with families and day cruising aficionados, and can easily accommodate five adults. L16 have a jib, mainsail and spinnaker.

Laser 16 – yhdeksän venettä

Hyvä vene purjehduksen perusteiden opetteluun. Vene on suunniteltu 1989, se on 5 metriä pitkä, 250kg painava, ja kolmen tai neljän hengen purjehdittava. Se on suosittu harjoitusvene monissa purjehduskouluissa, sillä se on melko helppo purjehtia, mutta mahdollistaa taitojen kehittämisen korkealle tasolle.




If you want to attend trainings, you need to pay an annual HSS Sailing Club membership fee* and annual training fee.

  • Membership fee, adult 225€
  • Membership fee, student 100€
  • Membership fee, young (19-25 years old) 100€
  • Membership fee, junior under 19 years old 60€
  • Training fee 575€
  • Training fee early bird 525€  (sign up before 1.4.2019)
  • Training fee without participation to voluntary work and talkoos 970€

Accepted payment methods in 2019

  • Card/cash
  • Invoice
  • Smartum
    • Smartum-liikuntaseteteli/voucher
    • Smartum-card
    • Smartum-verkkomaksu/netpayment
  • Edenred
    • Virikeseteli/Virike voucher
    • Edenred card
    • MyEdenred mobile payment
  • ePassi
    • ePassi mobile payment
    • ePassi net payment 


  • With your personal membership card, you are entitled to membership benefits. The most important benefit is that you can take the Liuskasaari ferry for free. Other great benefits include discounts on food and drinks in Restaurant HSS Paviljong and Skiffer and use of the HSS islands of Andö (Inkoo) and Getören (Porvoo).
  • Smartum/Edenred/ePassi: Payment only by visiting HSS office, open in the March on Wednesdays 12-18, from April every weekday 12-18.  Only one ticket, card or mobile payment/invoice. For more information hss@helsinkisailing.com or HSS office Kristina Lindqvist 09 633637
  • An invoice: The HSS membership fee and training fee will be sent to you by e-mail. Everyone chooses the number of instalments (maksuerät) when filling up the entry form. Max. three instalments, (price:  10€/instalment).  The first instalment must be paid before joining any training/activity (lecture, weekly training, race or event)
  • *HSS is a Sailing Club with several divisions focused on different sailing activities including junior sailing, adult sailing, and classics. Sailing Club members are covered with Finnish Sailing and Boating association insurance and that’s why membership of the club is obligatory.
  • HSS  Sailing Center Membership application 2019 can be found from section  ”Membership”


Voluntary work – talkoos, commissions and structure

HSS is a sports club, not a commercial company. The club works mainly based on voluntary. Everyone’s input is important and all the members must either participate on voluntary or pay for the organizing work. There are many things to do and even a small contribution is valuable! Voluntary is also a great way to get to know other sailors and find new sailor friends.

At HSS Sailing Center (adult sailing) every member must participate at least 14 hours of talkoo work and take part and choose one task in some of our five volunteer commissions. Tasks are very different and everyone will, for sure, find an interesting task for him or her self. All tasks are counted as 10h of voluntary work to keep this simple. At the end of the season, all members should have collected 24 hours of voluntary.

Talkoo work consists of six different kind of things, which are valued as following:

  • Boat maintenance -talkoos, 4 hours per day
  • Race organizer on a full-day event (Spring Cup, End of Season Race, Boxing Day Race etc.), 6 hours per day
  • Race organizer on Wednesday race, 2 hours per evening
  • Assistant skipper on beginner’s courses, 8 hours per course
  • Skipper on  Open Island 2019  (Try Out Day), 6 hours per day
  • Head of one commission for one whole season, 12 hours


Our five commissions and their responsibility areas are:

  • Training and courses: organising beginner’s courses, responsible for recruiting coaches, making a season plan, contact persons for coaches, planing winter program, managing skipper’s rights and maintaining boat booking -system
  • Communications and marketing: maintaining member register and application form, marketing all courses and training groups, updating social media accounts and web page, reading and answering e-mails and maintaining Holvi web store.
  • Races and events; organizing all events: info evening and welcome event for interested new members, Wednesday races and after sails, full day regattas, parties and barbeques etc.
  • Maintenance; taking care that all the boats are in good sailing condition: organising maintenance talkoos and preparing “to do” -lists, ordering bigger maintenance jobs from professional boat fixers, maintaining spare part and tool container.
  • Sponsors and corporate sailing: finding sponsors to buy for example new sails and selling corporate sailing events for companies and partners.


Every commission has a task list. Every member must choose one task from the list. Two persons can share one task. Older members and Rosa, our Manager Coaching and Sail Training, will help new members so that everyone can manage their task. We have a lot of info and instructions from the past years, so there is no need to “re-invent the wheel” all though new ideas and updates are very welcome! After signing up you will be contacted and get instructions on how to choose a task. All the tasks are counted as 10 hours of voluntary to keep this simple.

Talkoo points and commission tasks are followed and for those who do not do their part the fee is 470€.

Spending time in Liuskasaari and sailing with other members is by far one of the best ways to spend the summer in Helsinki. At the end it’s up to you how much you want to get involved. But be aware – sailing can be an addictive hobby and you may notice that you end up using the whole summer sailing and spending time with fellow sailors on the island and that 24 hours of voluntary became suddenly 50 happy hours 😉








At HSS Sailing Center you can practice racing in many ways.

Wednesday race

The tradition of the Wednesday races started at HSS before the second world war! Races are open for all club members and for several boat classes, including L16, Elliott 6m and SM40. Laser16-boats are the most used ones. After the race, there’s an after-sail on the island.

As there will be no coach to assist with the boats, you will need to have qualified skipper with skipper rights in the boat. Before being qualified to skipper your own boat, you are warmly welcome to join the Wednesday races as crew or joining the organizing team. Keep an eye on the HSS SC member agora in Facebook for crew spots.

Further sailing instructions here.

Spring Cup and Autumn Cup

Spring Cup and Autumn Cup are fleet racing events sailed by Elliott boats. Spring Cup is organized in June and Autumn Cup in August. Both events are two days regattas and open for all HSS members as well as for teams from other clubs. There will be 3-6 races per day. Collect your team and join! More info you can find here.

End of season -race

This regatta is organized middle of October and its great way to end the season. Sailors will compete in 4-6 races during one day. The regatta is sailed with Elliotts and fleet racing format. It is open for all HSS members and after the race, you can join in the traditional crayfish party.

Follow HSS Sailing Center on Facebook for more info.

Boxing day regatta

Last race of the season! This fun event is sailed every year after Christmas on 26th December. After spending a few days with family and friends is good to go out and see some sailor friends. The regatta is sailed with Laser16 boats in match racing format.

Follow HSS Sailing Center on Facebook for more info.



Life on the island

Membership at Audi HSS Sailing Center is much more than just sailing. As more experienced sailors already know, surprisingly lot is happening ashore; maintenance of the boats, preparing them for sailing, care tasks after a sailing training etc. If you are a beginner you will learn how a boat is working and you will become familiar with all the proper care and upkeep tasks that are necessary for keeping a boat safe and reliable. And we do this together, which makes it fun too!

During the summer it is very hard to find a more beautiful place than Liuskasaari. The island has one of the best views in Helsinki; Looking from its rocks to the ocean and Harmaja lighthouse during light summer nights will take your breath away.
Additionally, Liuskasaari has two great restaurants: HSS Paviljong and Skiffer. Feeling like ”After-sails” with a la carte dishes or pizza? Yes, we have it!

If you specifically love the sailing boats, the club has the biggest dock for the classic sailing boats in Helsinki. The classic sailing boats are not only beautiful to watch but also a real pleasure to sail. Many of the skippers of the classic sailing boats have welcomed Sailing Center members to sail and race with them.

Elämää Liuskasaarella

Jäsenyys Audi HSS Sailing Centerissä on paljon enemmän kuin vesillä vietetty aika. Kuten kokeneemmat purjehtijat tietävät, yllättävän suuri osa harrastuksesta tapahtuu mailla – veneiden perään katsominen, niiden valmistelu purjehdusta varten, välineiden laittaminen takaisin paikoilleen treenien jälkeen. Jos olet aloitteleva purjehtija, tulet tutuksi sen kanssa, mitä veneiden ylläpito purjehduskuntoisena vaatii ja miten veneet toimivat. Ja kun asioita tehdään yhdessä, se on myös hauskaa!

Liuskasaarelta on yhdet parhaista näkymistä Helsingin keskustassa ja kaksi ravintolaa, HSS Paviljong ja kaikkien suosikki Skiffer. “After-sailit” pitsalla? Kyllä! On vaikea löytää kesällä paikkaa, joka voittaisi Liuskasaaren, sen kalliot näkymineen avomerelle ja Harmajan majakalle, ja huikean, valoisan kesäillan pinkin sävyn.

Purjeveneisiin hurahtaneille seura tarjoaa iloksi myös Suomen suurimman klassikkoveneistön.  Sen lisäksi, että ne ovat upeita, ne ovat todellinen nautinto purjehtia, ja monet niiden kippareista ovat toivottaneet Sailing Centerin jäseniä tervetulleiksi osallistumaan purjehduksille ja kilpailuihin.


HSS Sailing Center winter program 2019

(alla suomeksi)

The Sailing Center’s Winter Program offers lectures and reading classes for all HSS members (not just Sailing Center members). The program starts at the beginning of February and continues until mid of April. The program will be held in Liuskasaari, at the club’s main building “Klubihuone”.

The main focus of the program is to learn all the skills needed for  “Saaristolaivuri” -diploma organized by the Finnish Navigation Association. The program includes six reading classes, during which you are practising degree-related skills. The goal is to take the exam on 12th April 2019. More information about the “saaristolaivuri” -diploma below.

Also, various lectures and workshops are organized about topics that members have wished. Below you will find a program. There may still be changes on the program because not all dates are fixed with the speakers.

The reading classes are free, but some of the lectures may be chargeable. More info will be updated to the club’s website and Facebook.


The program starts every week at 18.00.

6.2.2019 Saaristolaivuri -reading class 1/6: Sea chart/map

13.2.2019Presentation of the club’s islands Andö and Getören, Wilhelm Schevelew and Harri Grönlund

20.2.2019  Saaristolaivuri -reading class 2/6: Compass and calculation of directions

27.2.2019 Weather and sailing by meteorologist Petri Takala, together with M and SPS sailing clubs, buy your ticket here (link)

6.3.2019 Saaristolaivuri -reading class 3/6: chart, speed calculations and waterway regulations 1

20.3.2019 Saaristolaivuri -reading class 4/6: Location and sea marks

27.3.2019 Teamwork on the boat by Vili Kaijansinkk0

3.4.2019  Saaristolaivuri -reading class 5/6: Landscape navigation and waterway regulations 2

10.4.2019  Saaristolaivuri -reading class 6/6: Preparing for the test and other topics

12.4.2019  Saaristolaivuri -test day

17.4.2019 How does the Finnish sailing national team practice physics during winter, Tuula Tenkanen

What is ”Saaristolaivuri” ­diploma?

Saaristolaivuri diploma provides basic knowledge and skills for safe traffic in inland waters and in the archipelago. About 30 hours of course program includes, for example,

  • mathematical geography
  • sea chart and its use
  • compass and its errors
  • optical positioning
  • landscape, fog and dark navigation
  • waterway regulations

The Diploma is nationwide.

For “saaristolaivuri” diploma you need some learning material:

HSS Sailing Center talvi ohjelma 2019

Sailing Centerin talviohjelma tarjoaa kaikille seuran jäsenille (ei vain Sailing Centerissä harjoitteleville) erilaisia luentoja, lukupiirejä ja yhdessä oppimista purjehdukseen liittyvissä taidoissa. Ohjelma järjestetään helmikuusta huhtikuuhun Liuskasaaressa, seuran päärakennuksen tunnelmallisessa Klubihuoneessa.

Ohjelman pääfokus on Suomen Navigaatioliiton järjestämän Saaristolaivuri -tutkinnon suorittamisessa. Ohjelma sisältää kuusi lukukertaa, joiden aikana harjoitellaan tutkintoon liittyviä taitoja. Tavoitteena on osallistua 12.4.2019 tutkintotilaisuuteen ja suorittaa tentti. Lisätietoa tutkintoon liittyen alempana.

Tämän lisäksi järjestetään erilaisia luentoja ja työpajoja jäsenten toivomiin aiheisiin liittyen. Alta löydät ohjelman. Ohjelmaan saattaa tulla vielä muutoksia, koska kaikkia puhujia ei ole kiinnitetty.

Lukupiirit ovat ilmaisia, mutta osa luennoista saattaa olla maksullisia. Lisää infoa päivitetään seuran sivuille ja Facebookiin.


Ohjelma alkaa joka viikko kello 18.00.

6.2.2019 Saaristolaivuri lukupiiri 1/6: Merikartta

13.2.2019 Seuran saarien esittely Andö ja Getören, saari-isännät Harri Grönlund ja Wilhelm Schevelew

20.2.2019 Saaristolaivuri lukupiiri 2/6: Kompassi ja suuntien laskeminen

27.2.2019 Veneilysää -luento, metereologi Petri Takala, yhdessä SPS:n ja M:n kanssa

Tervetuloa kuuntelemaan sääneuvos Petri Takalan ”Veneilysää-koulutus – Turvallisuutta vesille” -luentoa (2h)!

Opi kaikki oleellinen veneilysäästä muutamassa tunnissa ja opi se hyvin! Petri Takalan Veneilysää-luennon jälkeen omaat säätietämyksen vähän suuremmankin merialueen ylittämiseen.

Tuuli on purjehtijan tärkein ystävä. Veneilysääkurssilla tutustutaan vähän syvemmin tuuleen ja muihinkin vesilläliikkujaan vaikuttaviin sääilmiöihin. Tarkoitus on, että kurssille voi osallistua kuka tahansa, eikä minkäänlaista alkutietoa säästä edellytetä. Iso osa kurssia muodostuu osallistujien kysymyksistä ja niihin kaikkiin yritetään löytää vastaukset. Luennoija on motivoitunut löytämään vastauksia myös kysymyksiin, joihin ei ennen ole osattu vastata.


  • Sään synty ja ilmastolliset tuulivyöhykkeet
  • Ilmanpaine ja tuuli
  • Säärintamat oikkuineen ja pilvikuvineen
  • Ilmamassan ja säärintamien vaikutus tuuleen ja näkyvyyteen
  • Keskituuli ja puuskat sekä merellä että sisävesillä
  • Mitä pilvistä voidaan päätellä
  • Ukkospilvet ja puuskarintamat
  • Tyypillisimmät paikallisilmiöt (Suomi ja ulkomaat)
  • Sumu
  • Aallot ja mainingit

Kurssilla käydään myös läpi ennusteiden tulkintaa ja kurssin käyneillä on edellytykset sääosaamisensa puolesta isommankin merialueen ylittämiseen.

Petri Takala on Forecan päämetereologina toiminut kokenut vesilläliikkuja. Petri harrastaa itse mm. purjelautailua.

Luento järjestetään keskiviikkona 27.2.2019 kello 18.00 Liuskasaaressa, HSS:n päärakennuksen yläkerrassa. Liuskasaareen pääsee talviaikaan ravintola Mattolaiturin kohdalta Uunisaareen kulkevaa siltaa pitkin. Uunisaaresta on hyvä kävely-yhteys Liuskasaareen.

Luennon hinta on 11€/hlö ja luentomaksu maksetaan verkkokaupan kautta osoitteessa: https://holvi.com/shop/helsingforssegelsallskap/product/96b3ab38b12dfc17fca173654d4a065e/. Luennolle tulee ilmoittautua viimeistään viikkoa aikaisemmin. Luento toteutuu, mikäli osallistujia on vähintään 39. Luento toteutetaan yhteistyössä Merenkävijöiden, SPS:n ja HSS:n kanssa.


6.3.2019 Saaristolaivuri lukupiiri 3/6: Eksymätaulukko, nopeuslaskut ja Meriteiden säännöt osa 1

20.3.2019 Saaristolaivuri lukupiiri 4/6: Paikanmääritys ja merimerkit

27.3.2019 Tiimityöskentely veneessä, SPV:n valmennuspäällikkö Vili Kaijansinkko

3.4.2019 Saaristolaivuri lukupiiri 5/6: Maisemanavigointi ja Meriteiden säännöt osa 2

10.4.2019 Saaristolaivuri lukupiiri 6/6: Valmistautuminen kokeeseen ja muut asiat

12.4.2019 Saaristolaivuri tutkintopäivä

17.4.2019 Miten maajoukkue harjoittelee fysiikkaa, Tuula Tenkanen

Mikä on saaristolaivuri tutkinto?

Saaristolaivuritutkintoi antaa perustiedot ja -taidot turvalliseen liikkumiseen sisävesillä ja saaristossa. Noin 30 tuntia kestävään kurssiohjelmaan sisältyy mm.

  • matemaattinen maantieto
  • merikartta ja sen käyttö
  • kompassi ja sen virheet
  • optinen paikanmääritys
  • maisema-, sumu- ja pimeänavigointi
  • veneilijää koskevat vesiliikenteen säädökset

Suomen Navigaatioliiton tutkinto on valtakunnallinen.

Saaristolaivuri tutkintoa varten tarvitset seuraavat materiaalit:

  • Oppikirja, Saaristonavigointi, 12. painos
  • Harjoitusmerikartta, Carta Marina 2004 tai uudempi
  • Loistoluettelo, Harjoitusmerikarttojen loistot, 2004 tai uudempi
  • Astelevy (huom. navigointiin tarkoitettu)
  • Yhdenkäden harppi 7″

Materiaalit voit tilata Suomen Navigaatioliitosta: https://suomennavigaatioliitto.com/tuotteet/




HSS Sailing Center board:

Willem Barendregt


045 646 73 06

HSS Manager Coaching and Sail Training:

Rosa Lindqvist


050 32 46 657



+ Facebook group “HSS SC member agora”